Community Service


  1. Responsible for CED and report to the Vice President for research and technology transfer
  2. Collaborate with the Vice President on research and technology transfer
  3. He/she shall be a member of the University Senate.
  4. He/she shall be a member of the management of the college.
  5. Works in coordination with CAD, CCD and business and development
  6. Responsible for research, community services and technology transfer activities
  7. Identify and implement community engaging and problem-solving activities;
  8. Monitor the research results of the institution for publication
  9. Directs projects; strives for consistency and clarity
  10. Plans field stays for students; monitors and executes
  11. Verifies according to the guidelines before conducting various research questions
  12. Provides up-to-date reports to CED and Vice President for research and technology transfer
  13. Performs additional assignments from CED
  14. Administered by Senate Legislation and at various times
S. No Title Investigators  Status
1.        Providing integrated rehabilitation services and improving the health care system in war affected areas of Amhara region. Professor Tadesse Awoke Dr. Asmamaw Atnafu Professor Kassahun Alemu Dr. Tadesse Guadu Tsegaye G/medhin Kegnie Shitu Ayenew Molla Haileab Fekadu Endalkachew Dellie Andualem Yalew Dr. Biruk Fanta Alemu Kassaw Demeke Demelew Rediet Getachew Getachew Azeze Goshu Nenko Dr. Sewbesew Yitayh Zelalem Demeke Yohannes Awoke Endalamahu Salelew Tadele Amare Aysheshum Kassahun Dr Netsanet Worku Dr Mezegebu Yitayal Dr Telake Azale Chanyalew Worku On going
2.        Improvement of disaster and mass causality preparedness and management through empowering lay first respondent pre-hospital care provision and health professionals working in UoG catchment area.   Yophtahe Woldegerima Dr. Kassaye Demeke Demeke Yilkal Dr. Tadesse Belayneh Dr. Muhammed Yesuf Dr. Ashenafi Amsalu Henos Enyew Mamaru Mollalign Mulualem Endeshaw Bikis Liyew Marye Getnet Helen Lamesgin Ambaye Dejen Dr. Hussein Endris Dr. Aklilu Yiheyis Dr. Kalab Tesfaye Dr. Miklol Mengistu Dr. Mequanint Tiruneh Dr. Almaw Bitew   Completed