Chief Academic Director

Dr Assmamaw

Welcome to the Office of the Chief Academic Director of the college of medicine and health sciences and specialized hospital of University of Gondar. We value the student experience and strive to deliver quality services to both students and staff. We work closely with both internal and external customers to provide high-quality services that support the University’s mission and vision.

The Office of the Chief Director of Academics is part of the college’s Office of the Chief Executive Directorate and is the first place to go if you have a question about academics. It plans and implements academic projects and programs that the Academic Council and Board of Governors have envisioned and approved. It keeps track of academic activities to ensure that academic norms and policies are followed, and it upholds the highest academic standards for teaching and learning. Review and update academic programs on a regular basis to ensure the quality of curriculum, courses of study, and supporting infrastructure, such as labs and classrooms. It also anticipates future requirements and prepares forecasts. It is crucial in establishing Academic Rules and Regulations for the university.

The college’s academic administration is centered on the Chief Academic Directorate, which is responsible for the management, coordination, and delivery of academic-related services throughout the student life cycle, as well as data management. The Directorate is responsible for student academic affairs, including admissions, registration, examinations, academic ceremonies, and the implementation of academic policy. Under the CAD office there are one institute and five schools.

In collaboration with Institute/school directors and Heads of School/Departments, the Director Academics addresses all concerns relating to the quality of learning in all Faculties. This will encompass things such as curricula, teaching practices, and teacher and student evaluation. This office recommends and assists with the implementation of initiatives that promote critical thinking and improve academic and research activity. The Director Academics serves as chairperson of the college’s Academic Council, which includes preparing agendas in collaboration with the school/institute directors or heads, holding meetings, recording decisions, and disseminating them to all parties involved in implementation.

Key activities

  • Overseeing the activities of institute, schools, departments, units, and coordinating offices under the directorate.
  • Curriculum development and implementation of Under Graduate and Post Graduate
  • Revision and updating of Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses/curriculums
  • Review of academic regulations and policies
  • Academic projects and plans
  • Establishment of new labs and upgradation and maintenance of existing labs
  • Monitoring of faculty workload
  • Co-ordination with teaching departments for faculty hiring
  • Preparation of Academic Calendar for sanet approval
  • Scheduling of Academic Courses and Events
  • Grading and grade changes
  • Providing Transcripts and Academic documents
  • Verifications as requested by Universities and Organizations
  • Maintaining a system of student record
  • Public dealing on all Academic matters