About the School of Nursing

The school of nursing in Gondar University has started in 1954 as a part of the then Gondar Public health and training center.  Nursing was among the three programs that were started during the establishment of Gondar Public health and training center in 1954.The program started by enrolling eighth grade students. After 7 years, the entrance requirement was raised to 10th grade. At this time community nurses were trained for three years. In 1979, because of several conditions, a significant change was made on the curriculum.

The department has modified its curriculum to produce comprehensive nurses for two and half years. In 1997 it admitted students on the basis of Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESLCE) achievement as assigned by the Ministry of Education, to train two categories of nurses, Public health and clinical nurse in diploma programs with the duration of training being two years for each category. Because of the advanced educational level of the students and the demand for higher quality health services, the nursing program experienced its first significant curriculum change. After seven years in 2004 the program was upgraded to degree program with the duration of three years and later four years.

Again it kept its development and in 2012 it started post graduate program in three specialty tracks namely Medical, Surgical and Pediatric nursing in collaboration with Leicester, Demontfort University.  After two years of starting post graduate training; in 2014 the Department becomes upgraded to School of Nursing, having five departments and one unit. In the same year beside the existing generic undergraduate and post graduate programs it admitted students in six post basic programs. Later in 2015 the school designed PhD curriculum to jointly run the program with Ohio State University.

To fulfill the demand of the health care and increase community access to education it continued expanding program the school began three generic (surgical nursing, pediatric nursing and emergency nursing) specialty programs; and two post graduate programs in Emergency medicine & critical care nursing and Neonatal nursing. Further in 2022 it developed curriculum in Master of Science in clinical oncology nursing.