Department of Medical Nursing

The department of Medical nursing was established on 2016 under the school of Nursing. The department advances the Gondar University’s philosophy through teaching, research, and community service. The Department is dedicated to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country through training competent, committed, compassionate, and responsible nurses; conducting problem-based research and rendering relevant community services that are related to nursing and health in general. The admission criteria is based on curriculum.

  • Medical Nursing program
    • postgraduate –  MSc in Medical Nursing
    • Undergraduate – BSc in Post basic Oncology Nursing

Department of Emergency and Critical care Nursing

For post basic Those candidates is came from different health institution and selected by ministry of health  and those who pass department exam and up to 15_20 per each academic year.

Generic students after taking common course for a year then based on their interest they will select department ( field of specialization ).

MSC based on curriculum eligibility criteria

  • Emergency and Critical care Nursing Programs
    • Undergraduate-BSc regular , both generic and post basic regular

Department of Surgical Nursing

The department surgical nursing established since 2016 and advances the Gondar University’s philosophy through teaching, research, and community service. The department believes that the fundamental responsibilities of the nurse are to promote health, prevent illness, facilitate healing and alleviate suffering. The need for nursing is universal. Inherent in nursing is the respect for life, dignity and right of all persons. The admission criteria are based on the curriculum

  • Surgical Nursing Programs
    • Undergraduate programs
      • Post basic surgical nursing
      • Post basic Operating theatre nursing
      • Generic surgical nursing
    • Post graduate programs
      • Surgical nursing

Department of Pediatric an child Health Nursing

Under the school of nursing, there are 5 departments and one unit of which pediatrics and child health nursing is the one.  Before February 21, 2008 E.C. it was stated as pediatrics unit. After which the unit was promoted to department of pediatrics and child health nursing at February 21, 2008 E.C. Currently, the department has three main pillars including teaching, doing research and providing services to the community. The department has one postgraduate (MSc in pediatrics and child health nursing) and three undergraduate program (post basic neonatal nursing, post basic pediatric nursing and Generic pediatrics and child health nursing).

  • Pediatric and Child health Nursing Programs
    • Postgraduate:
      • Master of science in pediatrics and child health nursing
    • Undergraduate:
      • Post basic neonatal nursing
      • Post basic pediatrics nursing
      • Generic pediatrics nursing

Department of Comprehensive Nursing

In 1979, the department comprehensive nursing began to train general nurses for 2 and a half years. In order to satisfy the growing health needs of the country, the department has been doing its part to satisfy the growing demand for diploma to BSC program in 2004 E.C. Registration criteria is based on standard of higher institution

  • Comprehensive Nursing Programs
    • Undergraduate:
      • BSC for regular nursing
      • BSC direct extension nursing

Community Health Nursing Unit 

Community health nursing unit has been established in 2016 when the department of nursing upgrades to the school of nursing. Even though there are no programs under the unit,   the unit shared some activities of the school of nursing, for instance, research and team training programs. Prevention of illness and promotion of health using nursing art, skills and knowledge are amongst other nursing professional roles. The discipline has been structured as an independent academic unit, aiming to activate the aforementioned roles crucially. The unit is working on designing curriculum to launching a community health nursing program, and to scale-up its academic rank to the next.  The unit is comprised of a number of academics having diversified professions like mental health specialists, nutritionists, and reproductive health professionals; these all academics have a background of nursing.