In University of Gondar, the training of nurses was started at the Public Health College (of training center) which was established on October 4, 1954 through the cooperative effort of the Ethiopian Government, Ministry of Health, United States, WHO and UNICEF. During the opening of the training centre, the students’ nurses were recruited after the completion of 8th grade. After 7 years, the entrance requirement was raised to 10th grade.  The main objective of the training was to produce community and or public health nurses who will serve the community, giving priority to preventive and primary health care.

  In 1979, because of several conditions, a significant change was made on the curriculum. The two basic reasons for the change were the educational level of students and the quality health services demanded by the people. The curriculum was modified to produce comprehensive nurses for two and half years.  In 1997 the curriculum was again designed to train two categories of nurses, i.e. public health and clinical nurses, the duration of training being 2 years for each category.

  On account of increased roles and responsibilities of nurses, demands from stakeholders, and new educational system and training policy of the country, the baccalaureate BSc training program was launched in 2004 as three years study. In 2011, three MSc program opened in collaboration with Leicester University, UK which laid a corner stone for evidence –based practice. In March 2015, the department of nursing opened three undergraduate post basic nursing specialties. In April 2015, the department conducted a very successful nursing PhD national curriculum review workshop to open the program in collaboration with the Ohio State University, College of Nursing. In March 2016 two additional undergraduate post-basic nursing specialty programs have been opened.

 Considering the rising number of academic programs in the department, an increase in the number of students and academic staff and assuming better results will be achieved; the University of Gondar Senate in its meeting held on February 29/2016 has upgraded the department of nursing to School of Nursing.

  The school is growing fast, in January 2019 additional undergraduate post basic oncology nursing specially and three Generic undergraduate   nursing specialty have been opened which made the total number of academic program fifteen. Particularly in the past five years in terms of program expansion and human resource development, ensuring quality in all aspects of the school (teaching –learning, community service and research becomes apriority agenda both at the school level and at the national level.

  • Number of Programs 15 Academic programs.  Three Master Specialties in Nursing and 12 undergraduate programs.
  • Number of Staffs  under the school: 121
  • Number of Students under the school  of Nursing: 691